Discord/Telegram Signal Bot

  • This is the same EA that LVRG deploys for auto trading that is sending the signals. Not all trades it takes, just the one with highest accuracy.
  • Signal will be sent with 40 pips Stop Loss and 40 pips take profit.
  • Currently only sending signals for
    Eurusd- 81,8% accuracy in signals
    Nzdusd- 96.4% accuracy
    Usdjpy- 72.2% accuracy
    Audusd- 72.9% accuracy
    Gbpusd- 82.8%accuracy
  • When backtesting type-m at the end of each test, in the report it tells you how many trades of each stack there were during that test.
    We thoroughly backtested long timeframes, once found the most accurate pair we focused on a year to year testing to get a better idea of how many signals would be sent monthly.
  • After choosing these 5 currencies to send signals from, we forward tested for two months, sending signals via telegram/discord.
  • For fxbooks, it would be all the same fxbooks of the ea so ill attach one for now and if you want more let me know and ill attach more

How it works?

  • Subscribers will receive signals on telegram/discord, each signal should be taken immediately if not seen until later, do not enter if its 20+pips in profit. All take profit will be 40pips.
  • Signal is considered canceled until closed by Take profit, stop loss or getting a follow up message to close that trade.